Everything in my world, is so frustrating, everywhere I turn, there’s always something in my way.
Everywhere, treachery, is penetrating. I may be down now, but I’m not gonna stay.

Head held high
Waiting, and yearning for, my moment to strike.
Head held high
Tempering my fury, until I get it right.

As hard as I try sometimes, all I feel is that I, am getting nowhere,
just running in place.
Are all my efforts just in vain?
Is all of my ambition, just a waste ?

Head held high
Waiting and dreaming for my moment to strike
Head held high
Tempering my feelings, until I get em right.


But I’m gonna leave my mark on this world, before I become old and gray.
Don’t try to make my decisions for me. I’m gonna lead my life, my own way!