Butthurt Generation
Valley of the Lepers- I have always been a big fan of Ben Hur, circa 1959 or so (never saw the original version), and has this sentiment of a concept in my head, of a valley of the lepers, which in the movie was literal, but how could I make it metaphorical, and contemporary, and relevant? In the movie, the valley was this eery, taboo place, which everyone was afraid of, and spoke in hushed tones of, and was a land of no hope, of lost hope, of the walking dead. Initially, I was thinking, my own life is a valley of the lepers, and I am a leper, an ostracized outcast, etc. That was the direction I was leaning towards, until an unfortunate incident with 2 hideous, treacherous teenage girls, who got a young man fired for doing nothing, who had no protections against their machinations. Then I made it, a matter of society in general being the valley, and the lepers are the cunts (and not every female is a cunt, of course, just as not every negro is nig- ala Chris Rock sentiment- but a LOT of them are such venomous cunts, venomous and sadistic) that lie in wake, like snakes, waiting to strike, to pounce and bite, as a viper. This one actually is not misogynistic, but a warning, to young lads who really are naive, and think they are untouchable and invincible, until they wake up one day and realize it's too late- this is a world that is just looking to fuck you, to facilitate and enable your downfall. It is guilty until proven innocent, more so now than ever. An allegation is all it takes. No validation, no facts. You must be on guard, keep your head on a swivel, grow eyes in the back of your head, and apply situational awareness every moment, if you hope to avoid becoming a victim. Yes, a victim, and a victim that no one will even acknowledge is a victim, which only makes it even worse.

Butt-hurt Generation- I have to cite my sources, and heard this one from a sidekick of a local talk show host in town- Junior in his overalls and beard. I never knew what the Blank Generation was, and only heard the song once or twice and wasn't impressed, but it was some of milestone back in the 70's. Then there was My Generation from the Who, but what was that one about? I don't even know, still, to this day.

Aggression Cushion- I heard this made mention of on a porn site I used to love, the Bang Bus. What a gimmick they had, though I still don't know if it was real or staged. The one dude mentioned that he used a cat, as his aggression cushion. I kind of, combined that with Beavis and Butthead's 'Frog Baseball', and wham ! I've never played kitten baseball, in reality, but it is amusing to contemplate, and would make for a great cartoon project, I think.

I Hate the Whole World- A bit of redundancy of Valley, perhaps, but that one is much more broad, and this one, in particular, was inspired by a story I heard on a talk show I was listening to. Not a story, but an incident, the sort of horror story that must be folklore, until it happens to you, or you know someone that it happens to. I've actually been asked to leave a party, just for hitting on a girl, and not even that strongly or aggressively, so I can identify a bit with the tale. Some poor sap, merely asked a broad out at some college library, and before he knew what was happening, he was being escorted out, and got banned from the facility. Just for ASKING HER OUT. This is no isolated incident, as I've endured such nonsense myself. I've already mentioned my Boys Club incident, but I have also been banned from Golds Gym, as a franchise, from similar nonsense. I add ammo and barrels of fuel to the warehouse, every time such persecution happens. How long, before it ignites, before the entire warehouse explodes, and wipes out everything in a lengthy radius? It may only take a spark, a match, a small, lighted match.

Don't Run- Great chorus, that was the original chorus from a Kiss song off the Elder called Dark Light, the only Ace song, which ultimately became a rather lazy, dreary song, with only a great solo to rescue it. It could have been so much more, and from that lost potential, did I pick up the discarded original chorus, and run with it. I wanted to develop it for years, and also address and cover a story I had stumbled upon, about a kid who appeared to all outside observers, to have a great life. He was a ticking time bomb, because of his domestic situation, and even went to the cops, who blew him off, saying 'what is the big deal here? You have a great life.' The tale ends in tragedy, and I combined that tale and theme- the old Aesopian theme of appearances can be deceiving- and the discarded chorus, to create something, that I can be proud of.

Where is my White Privilege?- Was this inspired by, 'Guilty of Being White', by Minor Threat? Not exactly, but it does fall along the same lines, themewise: that is, that your theme is bullshit. I had nothing to do with this, and I have nothing to do with this. This is a fairly new term, but not a new concept. The grass is always greener, I suppose, but try explaining this one to a trailer park kid whose dad just lost his factory job, and is the epitome of skid row. He'll punch your lights out.

Always on the Run- I tried to write this one for a long time, as initially inspired, in sorts, by Always Run to You, by Bon Jovi. I don't know what that one was about, but initially I envisioned a kid who doesn't fit anywhere, any clique, any faction, any crowd. He is isolated, on his own, and that is a recipe for disaster. It didn't quite unravel that way though, and I ended up veering in the direction of a runaway, along the lines of Runaway Train, by Soul Asylum. Not really my issue, though, and I couldn't find an actual example I could appreciate, or empathize with at all, to build it with. It ended as it did, and I rewrote it from what it originally was, and I think it works- not exactly about a runaway, but leaning towards running away, leaning towards WANTING to run away, along the lines of Linkin Park's Runaway.

Wilder- I can't believe I only recently learned about Wilder. Incidentally enough, he and Bundy both rubbed elbows in Tallahassee, spiritually, anyway- Bundy with his sorority house mayhem, and Wilder with his abduction from the Governor's Square parking lot. I suppose I've rubbed elbows with both of them as well, living there for as long as I did, and retracing their steps, visiting their old haunts, etc. What a fraternity. I think he and Ted must be great friends in hell, and have in-depth and fascinating conversations. They have so much in common. I've gotta get in on that, when I arrive.

Death Dealer of Kaunas- I'm a history buff, and recently stumbled upon this chap, in my research of Heydrich, pogroms, Barbarossa, etc. I found most fascinating, the juxtaposition of music and murder, and it made me immediately think of Nero. If I could paint, I would paint this scene, think of it- scores of Poles, standing around and cheering, as the chap plays his accordion, with corpses lying around him, and a line awaiting his crowbar. How bizarre. Equally bizarre is the visual of the Gestapo arriving in town after town, throwing open the prisons and saying, “ Okay boys, do your worst. Cause some chaos. You have carte blanche.” It's straight out of Batman Begins !

Golden Boy, Golden Touch- along the same lines, theme-wise, to All American Boy, but a little different: it is the balance, of him on one end of the spectrum, and me on the other, and he essentially needing me to draw any negative energy away from him, which must be what my function is, all things considered. I can't help but think, that with all the negative karma that surrounds me, there must be a doppelganger I have, in a parallel world, a bizarro world, who has just that level of positive karma, and instead of everything going wrong, it goes right, and instead of repulsing people, he attracts people, etc. What is the opposite of a magnetic persona, anyway? What is that called? That's me.

Anti-Love Song- once again, thanks to The Damned. There are so many bands with a 'Love Song.' I like this one, and Tesla's, but I started to think, has any band ever recorded an Anti-Love Song? Well, there has to be a first. Might as well be me.

But what to make it about? I wanted to highlight and emphasize the double standard and hypocrisy of pop and, especially, country music. A male country or pop star could never get away with what the Dixie Cunts, or Carrie Underwood, or I think even Kelly Clarkson, has gotten away with. Garth Brooks was pussy enough, to do the same thing- glamorize the murder of a husband. Did he surrender his testes upon completion of that one, and its release? Is he currently a eunuch? Has anyone checked on this? Then again, rappers make this their stock and trade, with girls liking and BUYING, and dancing to epitome of misogyny, so, who knows? I went out with some, actually hot broad, who claimed to ONLY listen to rap. Before dumping her, I had to ask how she could listen to it, as it is all female-bashing or largely, anyway. Oh, its all double-meaning, she told me. Really? It's all metaphorical, figurative? What is the deeper meaning? No answer. Well, who ever said your typical broad is logical? Not me !

Gold Digger, Grave Digger- I had this title on the shelf, or in the notebooks, actually, for years. I had no story for it though, no real substance, until I sat next to some sad sap at a bar for the course of a game we were watching, and had to hear his sob story, about losing everything and this and that and so on. It's not a unique case- how many men have been fleeced by unethical broads who brought nothing to the equation, but found a way to game the system, and in the process, destroy some lives in the process? Is your husband now mere collateral damage, to you getting yours? Once I started this one, it went way off the rails, and ended up in a macabre fantasy, as usual. Oh well.

Bake Me a Cake- You'd actually have to pay attention to the news, to know what the hell is going on here. A gay couple demanded a bakery bake them a wedding cake, which is impossible, because there is no such thing as a gay wedding. As Tyler Durden said once, “Sticking feathers up your butt does not make you a chicken.” Fitting, talking about butts here, but simply calling something a certain something, and even legislating it, doesn't make it so. I can't marry my remote control either, or my headphones. Anyway, the shop owner refused, and got sued by the rapacious and sadistic sodomites. Why they needed HIM, in particular, to bake it? Well, they didn't, which was the point- they wanted a financial windfall from a lawsuit; it was a scam, facilitated by the system, as is so often the case. The treachery required the system to enable it, and enable it did. This is my commentary on the whole debacle, complete with finale in bizarro world.

I Love You Not !- There is a song I love by Egypt Central called 'You Make Me Sick', which I loved when I heard it live, loved the energy and the spirit, but had no idea what the hell it was about, which I always hate when I hear a song I love. What the hell is 'Toxicity', anyway, SOAD? Is it an environmental song? Is it metaphorical? Political? No idea. I refashioned the song, based around a theoretical break-up note that Ted Bundy could have sent to his first college sweetheart. She dumped him for being immature, not a sound investment, I guess. He then went on a rampage, targeting mainly females that looked like her, reminded him of her, etc. They hooked up years later, and bam! He was working for the governor, in law school, on his way, etc. Then, she flipped for him, to which, he played along for awhile, before dumping her like a bad habit. Not as bad as serial murder, I guess, but bad all the same.

DTF for an SMF- Boys will be boys, I guess is the theme of this one. You can try to neuter them, to indoctrinate and emasculate them, but ultimately you can't mess with bio-chemistry. Testosterone is as testosterone does, and it is stronger than you best laid plans, your most bizarre, deviant and depraved plans, and will always overcome them.