American Wigger
Crucified- There are a handful of songs I've heard, that have such a great intro, but then trail off immediately. 'Papercut' by Linkin Park is one of these. For 10 seconds I though- “this is going to be the greatest album ever”, and it still ended being great, but what a letdown after that intro. I wrote this as, “what would I do, starting with second 11, and going forward?” It has to do with betrayal, but at a micro level.

Bleeding- Inspired by a great line, and a central them of, Young Guns, “ See, you got yourself 3 or 4 good pals, you've got yourself a tribe, and there ain't nothin' stronger than that. We're your family now, Chavez. You leave us, you break our sacred hoop.” Also contributing was A Clockwork Orange, and Alex's gang of droogies that he conducted his mayhem with. Another tale of betrayal, at the micro level.

American Wigger- A line from Star Wars comes to mind over and over: “ Who is more foolish, the fool, or the fool who follows him?” I began to encounter wiggers when I was in 8th grade- little 7th grade brats, and they were always little. There was a Napoleonic thing going on. Is there any greater betrayal, than that of culture? And who do we choose to emulate, to give our empty lives some sense of purpose, identity, and feel tough? The absolute dregs of society, the eyesore and earsore of a nation.

Locked in my Basement- I had an internship in DC as an undergrad, and was roomed with 2 of the biggest tools I've ever met: Jason Money and Brian Tuskey. Sue me: I've got nothing. They both thought they were the kings of the earth- the epitome of arrogance. They ended up robbing me when I went back home for a break, but before that, one of them asked me some sort of question, and I can't even recall what it was. Do you have a girlfriend, perhaps? Where is your girlfriend? Whatever it was, my sarcastic response was, “Sure, she's locked in my basement as we speak.” They thought it was the funniest thing at the time, but ultimately reported it to the police after they began to fear for their lives. Anyway, I took it and ran with it, and from the start imagined it as a piano ballad. Has there ever been a kidnapping and sex slave fantasy tale in the format of a piano ballad? Well, there you go. I know that when authorities finally raided Wilder's residence, they found a novel called 'The Collector', about keeping a sex slave, and Bernardo was reading a similar capture/imprison-type novel as well, when he was captured.

Large and in Charge- What I never wanted, was to present the typical purely doom and gloom imagery, sentiments and themes of Rage against the Machine and Toxicity, where these guys walk around onstage at all times with sticks up their asses, bitter and despondent. Part of the whole package is a devious sense of satire and humor; there has to be balance. and I'm fine presenting some dick songs. This is one, devoted to a great pal in high school- we called him Big Kat (an ode to Leon Lett), and was a pre-Griff, an adolescent Griff to my Al Bundy, for those Married with Children fans out there. I commented to him once on how big he was, and he came out with it on the spot, “ hey, large and in charge.”

I am the Machine- Interpret this as literal, or sarcastic- it is up to you. I would refer anyone who is ashamed of this nation, and our history, and our ills, to 2 quotes, in two movies. The first is from Ben Hur (1959), when our protagonist is challenging a Roman governor, of the atrocities and suffering done by Rome, in a quest for Empire. The governor responds,” Where there is greatness, great government or power, even great feeling or compassion, error also is great. We progress and mature by fault.” The second is from The Third Man (1949), where Harry Lime says, “in Italy for 30 years under the Borgias they had warfare, terror, murder, and bloodshed, but they produced Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci, and the Renaissance. In Switzerland they had brotherly love - they had 500 years of democracy and peace, and what did that produce? The cuckoo clock.” I've have these arguments with my teachers since I was in 7th grade. When they condemned the nation and our government for the ills we did against the natives, I'd respond,” yes, but without those ills, we'd have no nation. We honestly, would not even have gotten off the ships in the first place, or the shores. You wouldn't be standing here, teaching, and I wouldn't be sitting here, learning.” I'm certainly not saying that the ends always justify the means, but sometimes, you certainly do have to break a few eggs to create an omelette, and we have created here the greatest omelette the world has ever seen.

Please Don't Leave Me- It's not that I'm the biggest fan in the world, although I have always maintained that the SNL cast of the late 80's and early 90s is by far better than the 'classic' cast of the late 70's. I do like the guy, and the extent of pathos overwhelmed me, that as successful and beloved as he was, Farley's final setting on this earth was a cheap hotel room with a prostitute, and these were his last words. It happened to Cobain, Belushi, a bunch- it can happen to the peak of the mountain- the pain, the anguish and desolation, as much as it can happen to a down and out kid on opiods in a small town in Illinois or upstate New York. We are all human, and we are all susceptible, and I think that's why Cobain has inspired and fascinated as he has- he had it all: money, massive success, fans, family, friends, and not only was he unfulfilled and unsatisfied, he was so despondent that he concluded his affairs, in the manner as he did. If he came to that, with all he had, what hope do I have? There are no magic bullets.

Anti-Chivalry- I came upon a Damned song 'Anti-Pope', and that stunned me: a whole song, devoted to an opposition to something, an 'anti-' song. What am I anti-, I thought? A very, very long time ago, I wanted to, desired to be, a debonair and distinguished gentleman, like James Bond. The problem was, I could never find a lady, an actual lady, who could inspire that man in me. When all you encounter is arrogance, derision, treachery and venom, what am I supposed to become, except anti-chivalry ?

Once in a While- I spoke of wallowing in the depths, and not wanting to stay there, but sometimes you find yourself there, and you need a theme song. Augmenting the anguish is when there is no one to lean on/confide in, on one to relate to you or assuage, in any way, the torment, or the people you expect to fill that role, don't, or won't.

Wasteland- a simple recounting, of a general failure, of an adolescence. At least, what I was considering crucial and vital at the time. Now, in hindsight, heck, people have been through worse.

Nobody's Type- I always found these mantras fascinating, and frustrating. I asked out some broad, who pulled what I call a Chernobyl on me. A nuclear meltdown, right in front of me. “ Uh, uh, uh, well, you're not really my type” was her response. “ Okay” I responded, “ what is your type?” “ Uh, uh, uh” again. “ Okay, I'm not your type. What type am I?” “ Uh, uh, uh.” I just wanted a straight answer. I also heard the story, of some broad who kept dating abusive men, who bludgeoned her and abused her. Her friend asked her in astonishment, “Why do you keep dating these thug?” “ I have to” was the response, “ that's my type.” “ But your type is making you miserable.” Sensible, isn't it? And what else- chemistry. Who came up with that one? I've always said, I'm not a badboy; I'm just a bad person. And I must be nobody's type, because I fit with no one.

Who Let the Fags Out ?- I always wanted to do a spin-off of 'Who Let the Dogs Out?”, or is it 'Dawgs' ? Not vicious or sadistic, by any means, though if you want to interpret it like that, no big deal. Just a satire, and I am reminded of a sentiment from American Psycho. The novel, that is. Do what you have to, and be who you have to be, if that is your deal, but to have a parade, a pride parade? What are you so proud of? What is there, to be so proud of? Cum guzzling and butt ramming? Just try not to get AIDS, is my only request.

Floppin' in the Breeze- Another dick song. I like to take it to the nth degree, so the saying goes. I was thinking about a character from Dream Team, the movie. This dude had an exhibitionism thing, and would just strip naked anywhere and everywhere. Its is an amusing visual- a dude walking down the street naked, and all functions he can put his newly exposed and dangling to.

Bring Your Fatwa- How could I not write an anti-Jihadi song, devoted to the religion of peace, who cause trouble and strife wherever they go. Really a homage to Charles Hebdeau, who is a TRUE martyr of our times, and offered the mantra, “better to die on your feet, than live on your knees.” Most would rather engage in the latter, it seems. Also, how easy it must be to get a Fatwa declared against you, if that Rushdie bloke got one. What was so scandalous about his novel, anyway? Well, I wanted no such questions about this little ditty.

Go Redskins- I saw some crap band in college, and the homo frontman declared before some forgettable tune, that this was devoted to the Redskins and blah blah blah racism blah blah blah offensive blah blah blah. I went home that night and wrote the chorus. It just took a while to flesh out, but boy do I hate snowflakes.