American Burden
Another split- if I was going to go the political/cultural/societal route as strongly as I wanted to, for half of this, I had to make the rest of the album perverted sex songs. It's all about balance- but I felt like chronicling the timeline of betrayal of our vaunted forefathers, and how far to go back? I could have gone back much further, but had to start somewhere. I could have gone back to colonial times, where landowners and rich farmers didn't feel like paying fair wages to citizen farmers, so hey, let's just import slave labor from the dark continent. How could that ever go wrong? They'll never be emancipated, and then disgruntled, for generations afterwards. We haven't learned at all, and still have rich business folk who, similarly, would rather import illegal aliens and Visa recipients, to work their businesses at half wages or slave wages, rather than citizen labor- it's all about bucks kid. This can't ever, go wrong one day, can it? Well, who cares about the future and the next generation? I have to get mine now- it really is gold fever, and once you have some, you must have more. It applies to Bill Gates and Zuckerface and endless robber barons of our day, of any day or any age. It is more powerful and addictive, than heroin.

American Suicide- I never hated Barry O. I didn't even care to learn about him. I didn't need to. It all came down to race, and I'll explain the legitimacy of this. There was a football show, about coaching trees. All these people care about is winning- that is all. They would sell their mothers to a brothel for one more super bowl ring. It is their 100% focus, and they have no souls or qualms about anything, in their thirst for victory. Yet, when the first coaching tree- branching off from, oh, Bill Parcells, I think, was shown- it was a matter of homo-social selection: all his underlings who went on to be head coaches, were white. Similarly, when the show cast Tony Dungy- and all of HIS underlings, who had gone on to be head coaches, all but one of them were black. Neither Parcells nor Dungy, I believe, are bigots, but they will, as most would, instinctively help their own kind, and there is nothing wrong with this (unless you are Bill Clinton or some other liberal, who PRIDE THEMSELVES on ethnic betrayal). However, it comes at the expense of, well, you get the point. Now, would I rather have Ben Carson than Hilary as president? Of course, but Carson is not a democrat nor an islamophile. I just shook my head at all the braindead and brainwashed white voters, knowing nothing about this candidate, patting themselves on the back for voting for it. It made them feel good. It reminded me of the native German girls who applauded the young Muslim migrant men getting off the trains in Munich, only to get sexually assaulted and raped by these very same migrants, several months later (well, not them literally, but just google Cologne new years eve gang rape.) It made them feel good, initially, at least.

Slut Pants- Ah,what irony, what a dilemma. You want to feel sexy, by looking sexy, but you don't want guys to leer at you. You can't have it both ways. But to actually go the authorities and say 'he's looking at me !' And, what, hang him? He's not talking to me, touching me, but looking. What's next- he's thinking about me, I know it. I can't have him, thinking about me, can't have it. And you wonder why there are men who applaud whenever they see a rape or sexual assault reported on the news, and say 'Good !' It's sick, but it occurs, and it feels to them as justice for them, who no one is trying to give any to. It's karma, and karma is a bitch- just like you.

Double Bagger- Again, a term I overheard in a conversation, that I just tucked away, knowing I'd have to return to one day. I didn't intend it this way, but it kind of ended up as a bit of a feminist anthem, which I never thought I'd write. But, I recall listening to some broad on the radio, who was bemoaning her lack of prospects and attention, pleading 'just take a chance on a bigger lady. She may not ever be a trophy for you, but she will be fiercely loyal to you.' I had to admit- there is validity to that. I've been with big girls, and not just a few pounds over, but WAY the hell over. The biggest one, had the most spirit- she always wanted to go skinning dipping, wherever we were, and upon talking a late night walk along a reservoir, offered me a public b.j. I didn't solicit it- she offered it. My freulein from Germany would NEVER have offered that, but different dolls are very different about these things. Still, intimacy with her was like pulling teeth most of the time. She did have spirit, but it ebbed and flowed.

Southern Trespass- A friend introduced me to this concept way back when, and I don't think I would have ever heard of it, had it not been for him, and his wealth of urban lore. My original version was just an ode to sodomy, but that's not the entirety of the concept, so I had to re-write it. It is really a version of a Houdini, and that had to be inherent in the lyrics. I'm no stud, so I've never pulled this one off in reality. Heck, I've never even done doggy-style- I tried, trice, in fact, but one occasion, it just didn't quite work, and the other time, the broad just wasn't having it. 'Uh, I don't think so' was her response. Did she think I was actually going for the ass? I really wasn't- I was just trying to flip her over, but again, pulling teeth.

Betrayal #1: 1954- There are different ways to address a social injustice, beyond introducing another one. Senator Rand Paul spoke once about the non-necessity of the Civil War, that we could have simply done what the British did- pay their slave owners to free their slaves. Would that have actually worked with us? Doubtful, but was it even tried? Doubtful. The point is, there is one way to skin a cat.

Pigging Ceremony #1: Dirty Sanchez- I presented this during a stand-up comedy routine once, right after I got a ticket for some nonsense. Now, I am not an anarchist. If cops only did what they are supposed to do- if they were all Kojack and only targeted bank robbers and killers and the like, great. Like most law-abiding (generally) folks though, the main occasion I encounter cops is when I am being robbed by them for this or that: no seat belt, speeding, etc. The fact that each department has a quota, that they must meet, regardless of whether you are actually speeding fast enough to truly be a danger, is proof of the corruption. Any particular reason why speed traps are frequently put at the bottom of hills (got caught during one of these)? Cops know you are going to utilize gravity and just coast, and speed ultimately. It is a predatory ethos, and I am not paying my taxes to be preyed upon.

Adding insult to injury, is the attitude- you are going to condescend and talk down to me, AS you rob me? Don't ever call a cop sir. If you are going to fuck me, I am not going to show you respect as you do it.

The only time I ever needed a cop, the one time when I needed them to do their ACTUAL job, they let me down. I was downtown, and was jumped outside a bar. There were cops standing around everywhere, as it was the main strip on a Sat. night. They did nothing. It was my friends, who came to my aid. I have been harassed plenty by them, and I'm not even black. Newsflash- they harass EVERYONE- unless you're an elderly couple or a weakly female, perhaps. The one time I needed them though, nothing. That made up my mind right there. You get one shot with me.

Handful of Bare Ass- I hate liars, especially if they are female, and ESPECIALLY if they their lies are never exposed. I am astonished at the lack of logic involved here, not only the oversight of the obvious from the lawyer, but the fact that no one, and I mean no one, appears to have noticed this.

Here is what happened- guaranteed. The dude did cop a feel- indeed, but it was a marginal, peripheral, over the clothing contact. It was not egregious, as purported- if it was, there would have been a jump, a slap, a SOMETHING. But there wasn't, because this isn't what occurred. However, this isn't sensational or scandalous enough for the cunt, so she developed her own truth. He did make contact, she reasoned, so it isn't a total lie, just an exaggeration.

The problem with lying is this- there is no such thing as a little big pregnant. A lie is a lie, unless it is 'no, that dress does not make your butt look big', as in a totally innocuous white lie. This, was not that.

Why did I spend so much time and energy on this? In this age of half-truths and outright lies being used to destroy men's lives, here is another example, that I just couldn't let go. A rich, spoiled brat, destroying a peon, for some marginal transgression, and getting away with it.

American Burden- I was at an aunt and uncle's house way back when, for Thanksgiving, and heard much to my dismay, of one of my aunts- I have a bunch- nonchalantly opining on the 'browning' of America, casually, not only as if it was insignificant, but inevitable. I oppose both viewpoints. It was the utter, helplessness, and impotence, of her voice, that was so shocking. This is my country, but I have no say in its future, was what I heard. A nation does have sovereignty, or it is not a healthy nation. A nation must maintain equilibrium, and homeostasis, or it is not in a healthy state. This is all theoretical for most people, perhaps, and academic, but I live in Central Florida- Ground Zero of the Reconquista. I have seen the census numbers, the projections. The problem is one of selfishness though, and short-sightedness, as usual. It will not be you that is hit with this, confronted with this, overwhelmed by this, or even your children, but your grandchildren, if you care. Problem is, by then, it will be too late. It is easy enough, just to focus on the pebble in the shoe, and ignore the Gauls on the frontier, hundreds of miles away, until the Gauls sack your city, which they did, in 390 B.C. Then Rome realized, they HAD to get their heads out of their asses, and right their ship. Is that what is required? Really?

Just Stick it Anywhere- A title I wrote down at one point, as of many, which sat for a long time, with no background or development. I think this came from watching Howard Stern, and continually hearing him refer to the '3rd input', which was anal of course- but beyond the usual two, and thinking, 'could there be a 4th ? A 5th?', along the lines of a 3rd dimension, a 4th, etc. Or 3rd and then 4D and 5D. What is the next stage of sexual evolution and penetration? Then I discovered Kost, who appeared to me as a real life Valmont- from Cruel Intentions- and it all just came together. I stretch the details of the actual story, I realize, but I don't really KNOW all the details, so...

Betrayal #2: 1965- The fact that the sponsors of this bill, as with the un-Affordable Care Act, had to lie to get the thing passed, should be telling and indicative. Nothing to see here, nothing to see here, as we sell the country down the river. These are the intermediate forefathers, who are the real evil patriarchs, who deserve to be highlighted and exposed for what they are- corrupt traitors with no souls.

The Pigging Ceremony #2: The Spitroast- I wanted to write a song about the spitroast for a while, but in what context? I'm no rock star or Casonova- I'm not Brett Michaels or Paul Stanley. If I was, this would be a very different song, and I could write about an actual spitroast I engaged in. That's not my life though, so this went in an entirely different direction.

Donkey Punch- I wanted to write a song devoted to the donkey-punch, but it really took some doing. Once again, I've never done this, so can't comment from personal experience, and I don't even think Gene or Paul ever have; I would be surprised. Topping it off with a racooning just seemed the perfect climax, and finished things off nicely.

Head Held High- This one was lost to me for a long time, and was one of the first I wrote. I wanted it lean, and trimmed it down even more, ultimately, to make it even leaner and more efficient. Aspirational, hopefully inspiring, defiant, young. I only have a handful that are really like this, with no hint of anything but, positivity, and are really sleek, so I really cherish this one. It is the kind that I would appreciate hearing in my adolescence, and is thus what really drove it.

Why is my Dick Soft?- I saw this written on a bathroom wall above a urinal, and jotted it down in my notes. It sat for years, but I knew I had to develop it somehow, ultimately. But how- literally, metaphorically, what? Adding it into a set of perverted sex songs answered that one, and living in the erectile dysfunction (a contender for the band name, I must admit: a close second) age, it became quite easy, once I committed myself to it.

Betrayal #3: 1986- I wanted a trilogy, and this seemed to be the logical 3rd stop, especially with the renewed debate over amnesty. Give them an inch, and they will take a mile- they will never be satisfied. This ties directly in with the Reconquista, and Reagan must assume his share of the blame here. He is NOT, beyond reproach. This set the precedent.