All American Boy
We first met,
in between semesters and over the summer,
mostly at the gym, and out at the downtown bars.

He had an aura about him;
I was in awe, and impressed;
he was a big man on campus, I wasn't;
the life that he lived, I was seeing stars.

He’d studied abroad, in London;
he told stories, and
he played college lacrosse.

The previous summer,
he had slept, with 12 girls total;
he had the mojo, but I was lost !

He is the all, the all-American boy.
If I were him, I would be overcome with such joy.
Athletic and great-looking, he seemed to have the world in his hands;
But with it comes, a dark underbelly, let’s see where all of it lands.

Yet before long, I began
to see the cracks appear in this god;
His awesomeness, hid some real ugliness,
once I was able to breach the façade.

He’d gotten a girl from a real fine family pregnant
a couple summers past.
She had to have an abortion, her family wouldn’t understand, and they couldn’t last.

After getting kicked out of his fancy university, he delivered mail.
And he bragged about how he got drunk every night; just to contend with the fail.

Yet I was still, honored just to be in his presence,
so we ended up in his basement, late one night.
He started snorting cocaine, and spent a good hour on the phone,
Something wasn’t right.

He was calling his dealer, trying to score a massive dose;
Then he put rap on the stereo, blasting it; that was enough;
I called a cab, this had gotten gross.