Once in a While
1)My insides are rotten, here’s all I have gotten, from this lowly life.
Without ever showing, and with no one knowing, I’ve lived at the edge of a knife.

2)My world is in chaos, here’s all that they gave us, as I’m nearing the end of the line.
One glorious moment, then run like a rodent, I wish I could say I’ll be fine.

But although I wanted to, I never did hear you say.
What I wouldn’t do,
oh just to see you
Smile once in a while.

What I wouldn’t endure, oh just to hear you
laugh once in a while.

Post Chorus)
Well is this even worth the fight ? Will this ever be all right ?

3)Can’t stand the present, can’t think of the future, what’s just past or what lies ahead. When will I be able to breathe easy again, just where am I being lead ?

4)I live in the far distant future, and then I live in the far distant past. Living anywhere or anytime but now; how long will this state of mine last ?


5)I’m panting, I’m shaking, under me earth’s quaking, don’t know if it ever will stop.
Will I ever be able to stand on my own two feet on solid ground or not ?

6)It’s all one great misery, chasing after me, nearly catching me every time.
Never any relief, never a chance to breath, I can’t keep running, covered in grime.
7) I live in the shadows,
this ordeal is harrowing,
will I ever see the light?
How much pain,
can I possibly sustain?
Is there no end to this plight?

8) Every day I grieve,
you would not believe me,
if I told you what I withstand;
I’m isolated,
and capitulated,
how bad do I need a hand?