Just Stick it Anywhere
I am aware of a sexual beast; his name is Tyler Kost.
He holds back, not in the least; until it all was lost.

He is Valmont, come to life, his exploits became legend.
He pursued many a skirt, while all you were doing what pledgin'.

Ask him what his, preference is, he'll tell you-
I stick it anywhere !
I'll find holes, you've never thought of-
I, stick, it anywhere !

In emotionally devastating testimony,
victims told a sordid tale, what a ceremony !

This small, quiet, suburban town will not recover;
In its midst, a teenage serial rapist, it did discover !


Input 1, 2, even 3,
for this there is no problem.
His appetites demanded,
that he, resolve them.

He told me, there's gotta be,
another hole !
I tried ears and even nostrils;
they were too small.

Finally, out of desperation,
he gouged out some broad's eyeballs;
and fucked both her bloody sockets,
finally- new holes !

Now he, currently,
sits in prison for a spell;
he will be my next door neighbor,
when we're both in hell !