Go Powder Your Nose
I can do anything a man can do;
I can do advanced physics and calculus too !

I can pilot a jet if I please;
I can even join the marines !

Go Powder Your Nose.

Every man is sexual beast !
All they want to do is destroy my peace !

I'm undermined by this monthly thing;
but I'm still gonna shatter the glass ceiling !

Chorus 2:
Go Powder Your Nose;
Go powder your nose, go powder your nose,
go put on your make-up and pantyhose !
Go put on a thong, and hike up your skirt,
the morning after, put on a man's shirt.
Go powder your nose.


Climax (spoken word):
go bake some brownies;
go knit a sweater;
or better yet,
enter a wet t-shirt contest !