Death Dealer of Kaunas (Nero of Lithuania)
Operation, Barborossa; the Wehrmacht rolls into the land.
I drive, a Testarrosa; all I do, is play in this stupid band.

Lebensraum; some room to breath; the Manifest Destiny of the Nazi state.
Invasion, 3 million men- yet I am content to sneer and berate !

Einsatzgruppen ! Task forces; the SS killing squads that followed after.
Butchering locals, inciting riots; they were the, epitome, of disaster.

Lithuania ! Gestapo arrives; Open the prison, let's have (ourselves) a pogrom !
A local mechanic, wants to contribute; look at his mouth, what is (that,) that I see, foam?

I love music ! I love the accordion,
and I love cracking skulls !
I spend my days, shattering craniums,
and playing during the occasional lulls.

The 5th emperor, of Rome; no military or diplomatic background;
He loved, the theater- he loved to sing; he loved the harp, oh how he loved the sound.

He wanted, a bigger palace, so he burned half of his own city to the ground.
Then he blamed it, on all of the Christians; arrest them all, take them away, gagged and bound.

There were no prisons, to house them- so he fed, to the lions, for all to see 'em.
In the Flavian, Amphitheater- you know it as, the Coliseum.

The real problems, of the people, he ignored- the only thing he was seeing,
was his palace, and he built it. Now I can finally live, like a human being !

I love music ! I love the lyre,
and squandering state funds.
I spend my days, at the chariot races,
and persecuting- I love it tons !


I don't play the fiddle or the accordion; I don't play a damned thing !
No arson or aggravated assault, on my rapsheet- I just sing !

I'm not an emperor, or a mechanic- no power or specific skills !
I don't command legions, or kill Jews- I have zero confirmed kills !