Wilder (the Mall Stalker)
He was not wild, or even wilder, he, was the wildest.
Always wanting to be venerated, wanting to pump his chest.

He was Australian, a millionaire, and a race car driver.
Yet he was still unsuccessful with with women, he became, a vicious conniver !

and when the moment of truth arrived, he said....

You'll never take me alive !
(Chris, Wilder said)
You'll never take me alive !
(I'd be better off dead)
than to be in one of your, penal colonies.

The mayhem began, in February of 1984.
A roadtrip of rage, lasting for 6 weeks, the world would hear his roar.

Setting of choice, the shopping mall, his preferred hunting ground;
The ruse he employed, 'I'm a photographer', glamour they thought they had found.

Bridge- and when the reckoning finally came he said....


Stop #2, in Tallahassee, Bundy's old stomping ground;
Abducted from, the mall parking lot, thrown in his trunk she was bound.

Next stop in Georgia, a cheap hotel room, eyes (forced) shut with super glue.
Raped and electrocuted, she escaped; he had to bid her adieu.

Stop 4 the Lone Star, State and a nurse, stabbed and dumped in a canal.
OKC, a dead girl in Kansas, further west? Yes, we shall.
A death in Arizona, and a 17 magazine shoot in the city of Vegas;
here, a murdered teenage model, this is what happens, when they don't obey us !

One more abduction, in California, now the end of the slide;
This one he spared; she became his accomplice, then Bonnie to his Clyde.

Wild Boys (Wild Boys !) Never lose it.
Wild Boys (Wild Boys!) Never chose this way.
Wild Boys (Wild Boys !) Never close your eyes.
Wild Boys always shine.