I Wil Not Touch You (My Bullets Will)
Welcome in sir, into the office of human resources;
there has been a complaint, lodged against you, and working against you are the forces,
of modern society !

A female employee, says you are making her feel, very uncomfortable;
now my entire, career is in jeopardy, how wonderful.
You challenge my piety !

I will not touch you; my bullets will !
I will not look at you; my gunsights will !

You've been accused, of harboring dangerous levels of toxic masculinity;
you, dared to, approach a female, you violated her sanctity !

It doesn't matter, if you didn't realize, what you were doing was wrong;
Ignorance of the law, is not an excuse, and now you don't belong !


When you implement, a zero tolerance policy,
you get intense pressure;
and ultimately, that pressure will burst;
you'll witness a horrific gesture.