I hope you’re not expecting a knight in shining armor; I am no aristocrat- I’m a peasant farmer.

Should I hold the door open to impress your womanhood? I rip it off the hinges, and use it for firewood.

As a stranger creeps on you, I stand with a grin; look to me for protection? I will join in !

The damsel in distress, oh how it makes me cringe; I will grab her by the arm and stick in a syringe.

I’ve abandoned all my values, now I’m gonna be…
the grandmaster of disrespect- Anti-Chivalry

I’m the furthest thing from an answer to your prayers; if you’re wearing high heels I will push you down the stairs.

If you approach a puddle, I won’t throw down my jacket; present me your hand to kiss- I will smack it !

Don’t depend on me for your diet of flattery; I’m prone to give you a dildo, with a battery.

Even on a few occasions I bought girls flowers; the police were called on me- reality devours.


The ultimate I have become in nihilism;
chivalry is only an anachronism.

I pass out edible panties on Halloween;
I have a different standard of what is obscene.

How did I get so shady, you just might be wonderin;
If only I’d met a lady, I wouldn’t be plunderin’.

You’ve just seen a former gentleman, and his destruction;
you should have seen me, long ago, before his abduction !