American Burden
I'd like to believe, that this nation of mine, is not beyond redemption;
to avoid a disastrous fate, what is required is preemption.

It took hundreds of years for the Spanish, to reclaim their country from the Moors;
if drastic action is not undertaken, this nation will bleed from all of its poors.

Take up the Burden, American Burden !
Take up the Burden, White Man's Burden.

The most effective genocide is being achieved right now and so subtly;
half of the citizenry doesn't care; this never will, cease to befuddle me!

All that evil requires to proliferate is for good and moral men to do nothing;
this isn't a matter of hate at all, but the utmost care and loving!


The Reconquista, if you even care, it is in full effect;
this happens when, the stewards of a great nation, leave it to neglect !

If you don't act now, one of these days, your grandkids will become irrelevant;
they will find themselves, on reservations, in Idaho and Connecticut;

Reject your cowardice, and reclaim what is rightfully yours, before someone steals it !
The power to, stem the inundation, belongs to he who wields it !

It is time to, tear down the walls of your indoctrination that imprisons you;
and to become, an ethnic survivalist, and make advantageous decisions too !


It is not too late, you are not powerless to act !