All Rise (Go Fuck Yourself)
Am I supposed to
look up to you?
I don't give a crap,
that you went to law school.

All you got there was a
license to steal;
and along the way,
you forgot how to feel !

All Rise ! (go fuck yourself !)
All Rise ? (go fuck yourself !)
Court is in session ( go suck a dick !)
Come steal my possessions? (my balls you can lick !)

And I'm supposed to call you,
your honor?
You're little more than,
a legal Godfather.

Appointing your mafioso,
with badges;
to shake down the citizenry,
from my taxes !


We're supposed to have checks and balances,
so how'd you become a dictator?
Lifetime tenure and absolute power,
while I, the citizen, a mere spectator !

Feel free to ignore the rule of law,
and legislate from the bench.
This is the, epitome, of corruption,
my goodness, what a stench !