Sexual Predator
Look who just moved into your neighborhood;
I’m really not bad; I’m just misunderstood.

I love hanging out, right near the playground;
the girlies playing, how I love the sound.

I see your daughter 11 years old,
don’t talk to strangers that’s what she was told.

I lured her in with a bagful of candy,
at the right time it sure comes in handy.

But in the last town town…they had to….

Register me, as a
sexual predator!
Get paranoid, when I move next door.
Identify me, as a
sexual predator!
I know where your children play !

Come in my basement; let’s make a movie;
do what I say now, it’ll be groovy.

A neighborhood protest, is circulating.
But you cannot stop me, I’m penetrating !

You’ve getting sweaty, it’s time for a bath;
how old are you? I am not good at math.

What video games, do you really like?
Play with my joystick; I'll buy you a bike.

Once you found out… that in my last town… they had to…

Naked and erect, before you I stand;
Let me wash you, welcome to wonderland.

Prepare to absorb my fast oncoming spear;
you scream out for daddy but he is not here !