First Martyr of Democracy
Born into,
a family, of distinguished nobility:
the Sempronii.
Grandson of a hero;
he and his brother,
would become known as the Grachii.

As it conquered, Rome enslaved,
every tribe who, in battle, had caved;
Returning veterans saw their land stolen,
by the empire they'd just defended and saved !

He was a martyr;
the champion of the downtrodden,
and for this was martyred.
He was the best chance of success,
for all of the dispossessed;
before he, was martyred !

Grossly indignant !
As tribune acted,
over the many, loud objections,
of the greedy patricians !

To help the indigent;
the homeless heroes who now,
wandered the streets, without a cent !


Ager Publicus;
the public land, hoarded by the rich,
into huge estates.
This was ludicrous, Tiberius legislated,
to break this up in haste.

The Lex Agraria;
the land bill, passed
to refortify society's base;
and give back the ill-gotten gain,
and correct what had taken place.