Blood on the World's Hands
This river will, be wide and deep enough;
all of you roll up your sleeves, and get ready.
I have been digging this channel for decades;
the, abuse and rejection's been steady !

I have been patient and I've been forgiving;
and I have, been slow to arise.
My fury's building, though, like a volcano;
there, are too many to despise !

All of you, are equally guilty;
there will be blood on the world's hands !
Finally, there will be, accountability;
there will be blood on the world's hands !

I just exist, on a day-to-day basis,
in this wilderness; I barely manage.
When you're at odds with the entire world,
there's no such thing as collateral damage !

I have done everything I've been told to do,
to be successful, and happy, and more.
Yet I am still, a laughable loser;
we'll see who's laughing, when you hear me roar !


Society didn't make me, but,
it certainly did inspire me !
By degrading me as it has,
I've turned to acting wildly !

I think I could be comfortably numb,
with something bearable and my own Dharma.
But even this, has been denied to me;
I will find my own brand, of Instant Karma !