Where is my White Privilege?
I'm down on my luck;
I live on skid row.
I just saw my job,
shipped to Mexico.

The number of addicts in my town,
continues to grow.
But I get no sympathy,
because I don't have a fro !

and all that I want to know, is..

Where's my white privilege !?
Where's my white privilege !?
I live in an economically repressed village;
All I want to know, above all else, is
where is my white privilege?

My whole life is one unwanted,
and unpaid, vacation.
But I can't sue, anybody,
for discrimination !

I put in, my application,
for a majority scholarship;
I was told that, there is no such thing,
my friends told me, to get a grip !

Hey, so and so....


Both of my, high school,
guidance counselors were flunkies;
family connections? Both of my,
nephews are junkies !

Bernie told me, that only,
black folks can be poor;
with bigots like this, in charge,
how, can we, possibly, endure ?