The Original
Before CCR,
before heavy metal or punk,
before classic rock or funk.

He began,
the most renowned band in the land.
They achieved greatness by his hand.

He was the original;
the 1st Rolling Stone,
yet he ended up all alone !

He sat for hour after hour,
practicing with Keith Richards;
they were the 1st musical nucleus,
better than work in brickyards.

The 1st triangle of conflict,
came when Mick and Keith were thrown together;
to write songs, his soul suffered,
the first important bond had been severed !


After a promiscuous youth involving 5 illegitimate children;
he fell in love with a beautiful blond, if it lasted what could have been.

The 2nd triangle of conflict, this one of romance, erupted.
When Keith stole Anita away, Brian's heart got corrupted.

Broken, abandoned, dejected and scorned, he lost himself in drugs;
kicked out of his own band, he was murdered in his own pool by thugs.

He colored the songs that defined a dissolute generation;
the varied sounds he supplied inspired a nation.