Shotgun up your Ass
Intro-Your teddy bear, off in the corner longs for the distant innocence that you forsook...
He had to witness every day, the miserable trail you took.
He cried out his eyes every night as he witnessed the morbid metamorphosis of you...
What happened to, that lovely and sweet, little girl that so long ago he once knew ?

1. I don’t know why I have this horrible talent
for evoking the ugly side,
that nobody else ever seems to see, but I have been wronged,
I will not be denied.

2. It is a shame that nobody else seems to know or
to see in you what I see.
But you will know as I read out your list of charges
as beneath me, you bleed.

3. For months upon months, my malevolence,
it has been growing into a dark plan.
Now I’ve detailed, a vengeful fantasy,
these flames of mine you’ve done nothing but fan.

4. Now I have got you home all alone,
I slip in, and totally undetected.
You are completely at ease, but never again
will you be so unprotected !

I’m gonna shove a shotgun right up your ass.
I’m gonna shove it up as far as I can.
 I'm gonna blow your brains out of you head;
or maybe the slug will explode inside you instead.

5. First I tie your limbs against
the posts of your bed and so very tight.
Then rip off all your clothes,
and fuck you from behind with my shotgun, with all my might.

6.I’m gonna carve my heartfelt words of
vengeance deeply across your back;
deceit and mockery; insults and treachery,
none of these at all do you lack.

7.Next out of my bag of tricks that awaits you
is my leather bullwhip.
Lashings and lashings, let me hear you
admit that you have been a bitch.

8.Cry out for mercy through the gag in your mouth,
how you have wronged me so.
Beg for my mercy, scream your apology,
30 more lashings to go !

And now I shove a shotgun right up your ass;
and now I shove, it up as far as I can;
And now I blow, your brains right out of your head;
I leave your bedroom newly painted, in red.