On A Sunny Afternoon
On a warm and sunny afternoon, on a sacred Sunday, afternoon.
Day of the Lord, a day of love, to be honored, and to be cherished by all.

So many fine fillies on this lake right here;
I’m gonna have a wonderful time, oh my dear.

I have my ruse- I broke my arm; can you help me please?
I will break down your defenses, by degrees.

To kill, to kill, their blood I will spill;
I don’t know when I will get my fill.
I have an appetite for young tail;
look out for me if you’re a female !

I’m so charming, your concerns they shed;
hello my dear, my name is Ted.

My rowboat, can you help me move?
even your mother would approve.

The blade, the blade, is what I obeyed;
A bloody mess, it is what I made.
I will leave you for wolves to devour;
only after your pussy goes sour.

We have been driving a while, what’s going on? I will make mincemeat of you, to spread on the lawn.

You feel a knife at your throat, and then you’re in cuffs; if this was only a prank, only a bluff.

I drag you to, a grotesque picnic, deep in the woods; I then carve you, into little pieces, fit for canned goods.

What’s driving me, to do these things? One day they will ask; they will analyze my brain, to answer- why was this his life’s task?

To rape, to rape, as I wear a cape;
I am creating a new landscape.
How long will I get away with this?
Now I am tired; I need to piss.