I am the Machine
I’ll lead an assault, and destroy a gook village;
a Native American gravesite I’ll pillage.

Drop the A-bomb and film it for the archives;
equal wages for women I will deprive.

I am the source, of all that you hate; but I will never, ever abate.

You want the machine?
I am the machine !
You want the machine?
Come get the machine !
You dare encroach? Come get it, roach.

Our genocide of the red man is envied;
as a success, and the West it was emptied.

Manifest Destiny, this is our creed;
but teach Labensraum, that is pure greed !


A war with the Spanish I’ll fabricate;
to add some additional real estate.

I don’t feel like paying a fair wage;
so I’ll import slaves of every age.