Pervert is Back !
 He would never be president;
he was never going to the moon.
He was never gonna sing opera;
he didn't know how to croon !

He'd never make a ground breaking discovery
in a field of science;
He's never be a general in the army,
and form an alliance.

But the American Dream assumes many shapes and sizes;
he chose to function, in a field that society despises !

Pervert is back (he's back !)
contaminating, infiltrating;
he's back; he's back !
Loves a good slut, he peddles the smut.

He transitioned from running a strip club,
into publishing.
The fortune he would amass and his influence,
were astonishing !

What became his M.O.,
all the muff that was fit to print.
He was hounded, by the authorities;
he is Larry Flynt !


Fallwell, in an outhouse, with is mother;
Fallwell, in an outhouse, with his mother.

He took this to the Supreme Court,
after disrespecting judges for years;
and secured a win, for the 1st amendment,
Fallwell was in tears !

He could never become this sort,
of success in, oh say, China;
But he became rich here,
by popularizing the vagina !