Don't Run
I am so close, so close
to the breaking point.
The harassment is getting way too much;
I have got to get, out of this joint.

There is a demon that's stalking my soul,
and morality, she shirks !
I am drowning, in odious sludge,
while she, circles and lurks.

but just remember...

Don't Run,
You've gotta take a stand;
Don't Run,
Good things are at hand;
Don't Run,
You've gotta understand;
Don't Run,
Time to take command !

I went to the, authorities;
they insisted there was, no problem at all !
You have a nice house in a nice neighborhood;
Your, problems are small.

How am I supposed to convince them that,
appearances can be deceiving?
They will regret, all their negligence;
how could they ignore my constant pleading?


If things don't change, I don't know exactly
what I am capable of !
Every day, I swear I pray,
for salvation from above !

If I don't get some relief really soon,
I swear, someone will get hurt;
That's at the least, but it could be worse;
society had better be on alert !