Betrayal #1: 1954 
First we begin,
with a Republican,
overseen Supreme Court.
Let's take a break,
from waging world wars,
this had become, our national sport.

A precedent already set,
in Plessy vs. Ferguson.
I guess the Supreme Court isn't
the law of the land, so let's try it again !

Warren, you bastard, and your fellow Judases,
you all betrayed a nation !
All to appease the dregs of society,
and achieve a do-gooder sensation.

Separate but unequal,
you'll get no objection, on, my, behalf;
Just mix them all together,
that'll fix it all- what a laugh !

There are other ways to,
address an inequality.
Redistribution of resources,
and maintain the serenity.


Public education is a joke anyway;
why does it even exist?
To prevent child labor from
competing with adults, so, they don't get pissed.

Public education's a privilege,
it, is not, a right !
This applies especially to illegals;
get, out of my sight !

There are other considerations, involved here
than equal edu, cation, for all.
Factor the long lasting implications,
upon the shoulders of a nation, will they fall !

There is a price to pay when you, shoehorn anyone into these classes;
Don't be surprised, when your daughters come home, with a black dick, in their asses !