Southern Trespass
We were, fucking,
we were doing it, doggy-style.
But we'd, only,
stay that way for a while !

Unbeknownst, to you,
I had other plans.
My intentions,
only a rapist understands !

I'm gonna perform on you the southern trespass,
I'm gonna stick my dick so far up your ass,
that you will bleed internally.
First I stripped you bare, no time to prepare,
Here, comes the sodomy !

As you, approached,
the moment of your climax.
I withdrew, I denied,
let us get all of the facts !

In the next, moment,
your confidence I then, stole.
I re-inserted,
in the other sensitive hole !


You have a sore asshole,
and now you know your role,
I am Carnifex !

Well I stole your trust, and that was a must,
Welcome to anal sex !