Man with the Iron Heart
Warsaw !
A city sleeps.
Essentially, in harmony.

Blitzkrieg !
Death from the air;
200,000 casualties.

And soon,
the ghetto ordered;
half a million Jews in a half mile square.

city of Prague. A young Nazi officer,
rising up the ranks.

Iron Heart !
Even Hitler called him, Iron Heart !
He was known as, the Man with the Iron Heart !

Wannsee !
Dead of winter; a meeting
convened, to discuss, the Jewish problem.

The mastermind!
Reinhard Heydrich,
presented the final solution,
to his peers.

Umschlagplatz !
10,000 drained from the
Warsaw ghetto daily.

Treblinka !
And others, orderly
relocation into work camps.


Take a shower,
a delousing.
A simple lie, leading to, mass extermination.

Read the motto !
At the gate;
before you cook,
know that 'Arbeit Macht Frei !'


Links, rechts, links, rechs, to your job or to your death.