Locked in my Basement
I saw you out- I knew that I would fail in any approach; any introduction, would meet with reproach.

So I stood- and even after only an hour my lust had grown; so I slipped you rohypnol when the opportunity shown.

Then the wait- I moved in when I saw that you were visibly drowsy; and I carried you out, saying you were feeling lousy.

Now she’s locked in my basement, she’ll never say a word.
When she screams out in terror, she cannot be heard.
Oh one day I know that she will learn to love me,
but even when she does, I cannot set her free.

You awoke- chained to the floor of my basement, in the nude; I’d left you a bucket and a plate of food.

You pleaded with me- how they would miss you, you spoke of your family; you even threatened me, so I beat you brutally!

How you’d mope- this isn’t proper behavior for a sex slave; I told you ‘better ship up’ or its soon to the grave!


I told you- your diet will consist just of my cum, so you had better suck good; you will learn to appreciate me, just like a good girl should.

You told me- you had nothing but hate- you’d never love me; so I quit my visits for a good month- when I returned you apologized, profusely.

Now I’m your husband, your father, your god- I am everything to you; it is too bad that I can’t let you go- I can give you a roommate or two?