I Hate the Whole World
I wanna know, what is behind,
the sadism and venom of
the American Cunt !
What is it that
is inflicting her psyche,
that makes her try to destroy,
every grunt.

I'll get you fired; I'll get you arrested;
what is inspiring all this
malicious intent ?
I will report you for,
nothing and everything,
how far until, you finally will be, content ?

it makes me want to say...

I hate the whole world !
And I want to destroy the world !
I desire harm, for everyone,
every daughter and every son,
because I can not stand this world !

What motivates them?
The patriarchy;
you enable their devious schemes,
you fuckers !
Without your facilitating,
they would be nothing;
you are being played for suckers !

There is only,
one force that can stop this;
it falls squarely on your shoulders.
You must stop encouraging them !