(a mostly spoken word tutorial and public service announcement)
First let’s start by recognizing that blowjobs and handjobs are two entirely separate things; if you promise one, then deliver the other, you may get a punch in the eye, and that really stings.

I can stroke, my own self off, I don’t really need you for that; so leave your hands, deep in your pockets, and we’ll avoid a spat.

Just treat it like, a popsickle, with a lolly-pop at the top; lick it up and down, circle the head, and don’t prematurely stop !

You’re my little cumslut, and I’m tellin’ you what-
we’ll keep on going if this takes all night !
You’re my little cockwhore; I’m showin’ you the door,
but not until, we get this right !

Now I may be flaccid, when we begin, so you may have to smack it back and forth against my thighs; if I’m not erect in a millisecond, don’t get offended, no reason to despise !

This is a tactical instrument but it is also capricious and fickle so be understanding; you must be patient, nothing will turn a guy off quicker, than when you are too demanding.

The motion and the collisions will ensure an eventual boner; be sure to lick and suck the balls too- Jimmy is not a loner.



Do not abbreviate or curtail the affair until the point of full climax; don’t freak out when the volcano erupts, just calm down and relax.

Allow the jizz to cover your face- you are your own Mona Lisa; take a picture for posterity, sure, then go out and get a pizza.

Or if he aims, straight at your mouth, you must be sure to swallow; because if you, reject his love nectar, you will not see him tomorrow.

You spit out my cum you’ll be spitting out blood !