We met at a party,
you gave me a peck on the cheek.
Your affections,
I decided I would have to seek.

Now I'm in the bushes,
I am outside of your house;
Taking your picture, through your bedroom window,
quiet as a mouse.

And I am calling you, calling you, calling you;
Every call obscene !

Cause I'm a stalker; I'm a stalker;
I'll never leave you alone.
I'm a stalker; I'm a stalker;
And I'll always hang around your home.
You dared step into my life;
I won't stop til you're my wife.

I paid you visits,
every day at work.
I'd stare at you, in 2 hour shifts,
my attention you couldn't shirk.

I got your email;
I bombarded you, non-stop.
And finally, the restraining order;
one day, I promise, I will be on top.

And I was laughing, and laughing, and laughing, and laughing;
did you really think you had won?


I finally, kidnapped you, with the help of Chloroform- please! I was tired of waitin';
our wedding was conducted by, a priest from the church of Satan.
After the post-wedding rape, I sent you to your honeymoon in my shed;
and that is where, you'll set up house, until you lay down dead !