How is your Day?
I don't know you;
we've never met;
why would you think that we're friends?
I am just trying to get through my day,
run a few, errands.

How I endeavor, to keep it together;
why do you have to pry?
Keeping a lid on my many psychoses,
you don't know how hard I try.

so why must you ask me...

How is your day? How is your day?
What the hell am I supposed to say?
You wanna hear, how my life sucks?
You don't know me; you don't give 2 fucks !

I am just here, to make a purchase,
why do we have to chat?
You come off, disingenuous, anyway,
another corporate rat.

In order to be, totally,
honest, I'd have to bitch and gripe;
Do you really want to hear all about,
all my indignant tripe?

then don't ever ask me...



You feel like playing, psychiatrist?
Keep pushing me, and you'll get a fist !

The last girl that asked, I bit off her head;
and bowled a strike with it, instead !