Fear for your Life
A lunatic, a lunatic; your instincts are right, you know I am sick.

A madman, a madman, your children saw me, and then they ran.

A clenching fist, a clenching fist; tick me off and I’ll add you to my list.

A broken hope, a broken hope, a desperate man at the end of his rope.

Bridge: A man’s soul is never born dark, he’s never born a natural shark.
It’s those he’d trust that dare to betray, and end up on his list of who to slay.

Now you better run, run, run, run for your life;
beg, beg, beg, beg for your life.
Plead, plead, plead, plead for your life;
pray, pray, pray, pray for your life.

A diseased mind, a diseased mind; look further but nothing more will you find.

A psychopath, a psychopath; my every moment is full of wrath.

A maniac, a maniac; every day I’m ready for attack.

A blackened heart, a blackened heart, if I catch you I will tear you apart.
Bridge: I have been wronged one too many times, been the victim of one too many crimes.
The boy next door I’d much rather be, but what we deserve we just don’t get you see.


A sharpened blade, a sharpened blade, you’ll lie in the bed that you yourself made.
A tightened noose, a tightened noose, I have got hold now you’ll never get loose.
A loaded gun, a loaded gun, you finally lost and I’ve finally won.
A hard cock, a hard cock; I've got you spread-eagle, this is a lock.


Affection, attention, and consideration, all have been bereft.
Then evil fills in, psychosis, sadism and sin, are all that is left.

I am my own shadow, in another world there’s a noble and chivalrous version of me.
But here’s where I stand, I don’t value human life, and have no sense, of morality!