Clash of Civilizations
Barbaric by blood,
but strongly influenced, by the greatness and
history of Rome.
His father served too, and so he was proud, when the call
came to his home.

He became,
a trusted aide to emperor Theodosius.
He was promoted to top general after
the Battle of Frigidus.

He defeated,
20,000 Vandals in 406.
He suppressed the rebel Gildo,
and then defeated the Picts.

Through the streets of Rome,
he was the last general to march in a triumph;
this after turning back Alaric thrice,
at this point he was a goliath !

A clash of civilizations,
the epicenter was his soul.
Tearing him apart, throughout his lifetime,
ultimately, it took its toll !

This society, would never see,
him as one of its own.
His ethnicity, too obviously,

To secure, his family's future,
he arranged a marriage;
between his daughter and the emperor's son,
what a miscarriage !

Society revolted at this,
and embarked on an ethnic rampage;
killing Germans throughout the peninsula,
such was their rage.

The mob finally caught up to
our hero, outside of a church;
Stripped off his general's cape and killed him,
society at its worst !
And in 410,
Alaric attacks,
the Sack of Rome,
from this, it would never turn back !

Its champion, diplomat, sentinel;
couldn't defend it,
how incomprehensible.

What happens when,
a country purges its own ?
with Stilicho's fall,
the heart attack of Rome.

And finally,
Rome's innocence was lost;
no longer inviolate, this was the cost !