American Wigger
1)I guess I’d go into real music if I had any talent at all,
Instead I’m happy to sit here, growing out of Dre’s asshole.

2)I hate this blond hair of mine, I wish I had an affro,
Do I look like a penis, or do I look like little mole?

3)You remember me, I’m the, little wigger from 7th grade.
I found myself a hustle, and now, I've got it made !

4)You’ve seen me around, I hang out at the mini-mart;
If Dr. Dre bent over, I’d love to smell his fart.
5) I know that I'm bad, at least I think I am, even if I don’t have much mass,
but if I go to jail, those nasty nigs, are gonna fuck me in the ass.

6) I’m cute enough I should really just stick to writing a ballad; cause if I go to prison, one of the homies, are going to toss my salad.

7) I’ll talk behind everyone's back, then Dre gets mad, and hits me with a bat.

8) I got no diploma, no degree and no skills, but I’m livin’ the dream cause you’re payin my bills.

I’m an American wigger,
I'm a little pussy, I wish I was bigger.

I said ‘ Hey, Hey’, do you know who I am ?
I said ‘ Hey, Hey’, less authentic than spam.
I said ‘ Hey, Hey’ do you know who I am,
I said ‘ Hey, Hey’, you know its one giant sham.

9)Eminem you’ve been locked away for weeks, inside of Dre’s giant asscheeks.

10)When are you comin' out, to show your pretty face, instead of being such a national disgrace?

11)Yo Em I’m tired of defending your hide, even if you do gotta lotta black pride.

12)If you got cornrows, and you got a big nose, I’ll spread wide open, just put in a token.

13) Yo Dre this is Diddy, you I was just thinkin’, you think I could rent eminem for the weekend?

14)P. can’t you see what em means to me ? He’s my number one earner, my padawan lerner.

15)Don’t you know without him by now I’d be on foodstamps, every other weekend I’m rentin’ (sending) out that tramp.

16) As I scan the country, I get a great view, look down in the ghetto, hey em I see you !
Kneel down at your very own bedside and pray, that if you wish hard enough ( maybe) one day-
Please god I beg you, as I hit the sac, that when I wake up, why can’t I be black ?

I’m, an, American wigger,
I got my water gun, I’m gonna pull the trigger.

Hey, Hey, do you know what I mean ? It has been a decade, since I've been seen.
Hey, Hey, do you hear what I say, it is fast approaching, your reckoning day.

17)I'm used to getting bullied, I’m a natural pussy, that’s why I turned to rap to be tough. But you gotta grow up, sooner or later and say all right enough is enough.

18)I’m your next-door neighbor; I’m wherever you look; I’m a doctor, a lawyer, a mechanic, a cook.
I’m even a republican what a hypocrite I be: I have afro-sweat in my eyes, I’m blind I can't see.

19)My heroes are all just pure ghetto trash, and there is more to life than bitches and cash.
I embarrass myself and my family and friends, now please tell me will this charade ever end ?

20)Some girls like to dance to hip-hop but why ? Don’t they know these rappers sing about belting them in the eye ?
Or maybe they just dance, and ignore what’s being said, like you’re a dumb bitch, and I’ll blow off your head.


21) I’ve abandoned my culture, my people, my ways, don’t you know that subversion's a stigma that stays?
I was wrong, I admit it, I made a mistake, but don’t listen to me for America’s sake.

22) The only thing better than rioting whitey for his hundreds of years of abuse, is to drain his wallet and brainwash his children using dumb drones like you.

I’m an American wigger, I’m a total pussy, I wish I was bigger;
I’m an American fool, I’m a total sell-out but I think I am cool.
I’m an American traitor, maybe I am playing but I’ll pay for it later.