Aggression Cushion
When I get mad,
I need a way, to relieve me of my tension.
Something simple,
that won't evoke yet another suspension.

I tried pills;
I tried many, varieties of mood changers.
Then therapy,
tried psy-chi-a-try,
but Tom Cruise told me, of the many dangers !

My cat is my aggression cushion;
when I get mad, the blood goes gushin.'
When I play baseball, I don't use a bat;
I just use my little kitty kat.

I got some buds;
with real deep issues, that were sick of crying,
into their tissues.

We formed up teams;
vandals against dopers, a visit to the local pet store,
was left to the pot smokers.


Batter up,
now hold it by its tail, and
Swing away !
Crack ! Of the 'bat',
innings pass,
what an awesome day !

As the game concluded,
we were taking off our mittens;
we saw that our sandlot,
was full of convulsing kittens !

Spoken Word- “ Now that's what I call a service animal”