Submit !
A bundle of conflicting emotions and neuroses,
surrounding a very wet hole.
Always afraid that one day, you'll have to say,
my virtue he stole !

But you have to, have virtue,
in the first place !
Being dismissive, callous and arrogant,
are not traits I'm gonna embrace !

Submit ! Submit !
Submit, submit right now, and I will spare you.
I make my advance, you try to resist,
well how dare you ? !

You are well aware, things are set up,
with you in the driver's seat.
But if you abuse this privilege,
one day a horrible fate you will meet !

That ain't no way, we have all heard,
to treat a lady, no way;
well there is a way to treat a boy too,
his dignity, do not take away !


Every time you, reject a boy the wrong way,
you plant a seed.
His anger grows, one day to get even,
he will feel a need !

An arrogant girl, her obligations,
she continually denies.
But karma's a bitch, she will get hers,
A good raping will bring her right down to size !