Last Guardian of Rome
You play with nations, as kids play with toys,
Atilla said to Aetius.
But by this point, a fading empire,
long dead Caesar and Octavius.

They were great builders,
aqueducts, forums, roads and amphitheaters;
The world's first great civilization,
the 1st arenas; 65,000 seaters !

The last guardian of Rome,
his name is Aetius !
Savior of the West,
this is what he means to us !

Then the Huns came; they were destroyers;
they brought nothing but fear.
Sacking town after town and then leaving,
Rome thought the end was near !

Always able, to discover,
a great general in its ranks.
To avert, a coming contastrophe,
and defend the Tiber's banks.


Not strong enough, all on its own,
an alliance with the Goths was made.
And at Chalon, in 451,
the price of freedom, in blood, was paid !