Butthurt Generation
I'm gonna start a riot because
I didn't like what, you had to say.
I can't endure a dissenting opinion,
please, oh just please go away !

I have to vandalize; I will assault,
I can't accept, who you voted for.
When I see someone, disagree with me,
I feel my anxiety soar !

I belong to the Butt Hurt, Generation;
I have no, backbone, at all.
I belong to the Butt Hurt, Generation;
I want to, see the constitution fall !

I think the 1st amendment should be outlawed,
cause it hurts my feelings.
My hypersensitivity runs a course,
through all of my dealings.

I'm an enormous, emotional tampon,
and my tears are sinking my soul;
When someone says something that I find offensive,
I go and hide in a hole.


I can't sit on the toilet or the bus,
because my butt is so sore.
I am a baby who's getting a spanking;
what is this discipline for ?

I have no tolerance, for the humidity,
'cause I am a, snowflake.
The greatest generation this is not,
the entire future's at stake !