You didn’t say you’d be going away,
but you didn’t realize the pain that would stay.

3 or 4 good droogs are all a man needs.
But remove them from him and watch how he bleeds.

From all of your wounds
My future will clear up from my present doom.

I just got one wound all
patched up and good.
Then another opens,
I’m not made of wood.

Massive diaspora,
cuts all around.
Screams from this torture,
not a pleasant sound.


Leave me to wither,
you’ll see how I fall.
Crumbling, stumbling,
weakened and small.

Rush me to the blood bank,
reserves are low.
This is a bloodbath,
how to slow the flow ?

The hemorrhage is profuse and it’s horrible;
it is unending- it is perpetual.

This bloodletting has left me comatose;
sullen, moody, eerie and morose.