Anti-Fairy Tale (Man of your Nightmares)
When Romeo, racing quickly,
I beat him to, the tall balcony;
Juliet waits, with love on her mind;
very soon she's gonna be, in a bind !

Have your fun, I've got a job to do;
I showed up with a wrecking crew !
With dynamite and a wrecking ball;
I made the Capulet castle fall !

You're looking for Prince Charming;
your ideals are stale.
The man of your nightmares,
I'm an anti-fairy tale !

Next up, Rapunzel, with her long hair;
(I) approach, she's totally unaware.
I climb up, cut it off, look, it's me !
Gather it up, run away, with glee !

I sell it to a wig store in town;
cry your eyes out, through a week-long frown.
You think that straight from hell I was sent;
I used the money to pay my rent !


Sleeping Beauty lies in place;
waiting for her prince.
I intercepted his advance,
dumped him in a lake, for a rinse.

I come and strip off the jewelry;
fancy shoes and fine dress.
I hocked it all, for grocery bills,
my life is such a mess !