I Won't Let You Fall

Hanging out on the chin-up bars after our baseball game right outside my brother’s final, junior high dance;
friendship was the bedrock of our society, at the time this, was my stance.

As we got older, we became allies, in this world I found myself in;
then you departed for an extended duration, just as I felt my descent begin.

Bridge- and then I felt myself falling; but I never did hear you calling…

I won’t let you fall; I won’t let you fall.
Arm in arm, we will stand tall.
I won’t let you fall; I won’t let you fall.
I’ll hold you up, right through it all.

And in this absence, I was acutely aware of my anguish, day-after-day;
this was a time of grim darkness for me, not much sunshine, hardly a ray.

But then you returned! I crooked a mere eyebrow upward, but inside I was thrilled;
a season of serenity commenced, my nuclear depression was chilled.

Bridge- yet when I felt myself falling; I never did hear you calling…


As time went by, you got ambitious and set your sights on a grand societal prize;
I couldn’t believe, the biggest asshole there could be, previously we had both despised.

This became your, new comrade-in-arms; once again I was abandoned;
so much for esprit-de-corp, no more ! The tale of a lost companion.