You've been a bad girl;
you've been careless,
with the soul of a delicate man.
He gave you a rope;
the rope to his heart.
These, are tenuous, delicate strands.

He wanted so badly,
to fall in love, from the tender age of 6.
But there was no,
way of him knowing,
all of the pain, thrown into the mix.

Cause you strangled him with own heartstrings you fiend,
and when he lies in pieces you'll know what I mean.
All he ever tried to do, was to love you;
but the crumbs you gave, in return, were far too few !

Years afterwards,
you confided to me,
how you'd taken, his virginity.
After what you observed,
shortly thereafter,
never again, would you know serenity !

the damage was done,
when you act so negligently.
your actions provoked, the incident
that put you in therapy.


All of this came,
to a brutal climax, when you were
once again late,
for another thoughtfully planned out and
highly anticipated, romantic date.

He was found lying in a bloody heap,
on the floor, from self-inflicted wounds.
On the wall, behind him he'd scrawled 'Die, Bitch, Die'
in his own blood, what else for him looms?