Get off my Nuts !
You are a nag;
why are you always nagging?
I think that you could use
a good tea-bagging.

Why do you-
always drive me up a wall?
I should lock you
in a bathroom stall!

I’m telling you, for the last time-
Damn it ! Get off my nuts !
I’m not a sucker; I’m not a putz !
I value them so,
Get off my nuts !

You always seem,
to be on my case;
your yapping mouth,
I’d like to erase.

All that I want,
is some peace and some quiet;
just put a steak in a pan,
and freaking, fry it !


My nuts are sore, and they are tender,
so go and sit somewhere else.
They have a maximum load capacity,
after which I get out my belt !