DTF for an SMF
You should be glad; you should be grateful,
that men are as perverted as they are.
Without this driving force of nature,
the human race, would not get too far.

You should be happy; you should be thankful,
that men are the aggressors in life.
If we never did, the things that we do,
you would never become a wife !

Why, why, can't you just be
And can you please, stop condemning me,
for being an SMF?

Allow the war, on men to perpetuate,
attack with your lying tongues.
How far, does this rampage extend to?
Will you sacrifice your sons?

We'll never be, all that you demand,
admittedly we're a flawed lot.
But without, testosterone a flowing,
humanity would rot !


I want to see, a month moratorium,
no one approach, a single female !
All of your protesting will evaporate,
then watch society fail !

Or you can simply recognize...
I'm an SMF !
I'm an SMF !
I'm an SMF !
We're all SMFs

We're not gonna take it, no, we ain't gonna take it, we're not gonna take it, anymore.