Betrayal #3: 1986
Brace yourself, we have arrived:
Betrayal #3.
This song will be dealing with,
the Amnesty.

What is the rule of law and
what does it mean?
Perhaps we can just ignore it,
for votes and green !

1986 ! 1986 ! Total miscalculation,
constituents are pissed !
1986 ! 1986 ! Citizens tend to get mad,
when they are dismissed !

A dangerous precedent,
just avoid the law for a while;
Then give me, my amnesty,
so I can live in grandiose style !

The people, ignore them but they
are not powerless to act;
It's been done, a solution,
Operation Wetback !


The Maginot Line, the Siegfried Line, they were good enough for
France and Germany.
10 million landmines, 1 mile wide,
motion sensor machine guns- security !

If this is too harsh for you-
sim rounds, rubber bullets, tear gas;
non-lethal repulsion,
but we can not have EZ pass !