Rape Gang
We don't sell, any narcotics,
we don't sell drugs.
We don't care, about gaining turf,
we're not those kind of thugs.

We don't deal, illegal weapons,
that's not our field.
But if you, happen to have a pussy,
your fate is sealed !

I'm the leader of a rape gang, that's what we do !
I'm the leader of a rape gang, and we're comin' after you !

We live in, a society,
without any laws.
When we, perform a a gang rape,
we receive applause !

If you're, between the ages,
of 11 and 33.
You'd better hide, in the ruins,
and the debris.


He's the leader of the pack...He's the leader of the pack,
A pack of rapists ! A pack of rabid dogs !