Not Without A Fight
I am tired of being told the way it will be.
What’s popular in general  just doesn’t work for me

This is right and that is wrong, there’s nothing in between.
You say you are the veteran, and I’m the one that’s green.

Bridge: But who the hell are you anyway ?
Just who made you the master of my every day ?

I know I, may lose to you, but...

Not without a fight, not without a fight
I know I'm the object of all of your spite.
Not without a fight, not without a fight,
I know you think you are, but you are not right.

You say my cause is hopeless, that I will never win.
I’d rather lose in ( or with) dignity, than triumph in sin.

You say I’m walking on this ice, I better get in line.
Well if you don’t like who I am, that’s your problem not mine.

Bridge: I will die abiding by my own code of truth,
Take advantage of me now, while I am a still a youth

Not without a fight, not without a fight,
I know you say that mine is a pointless plight.
Not without a fight, and I’ll fight until the end.
To see me crumble, would give you such delight.

I'll kick and I’ll scream and I'll slug and I'll  swing, and I’ll leave you holding your wounds.
I’ll bite and I'll claw and I'll punch and I'll gnaw, before I’m buried under dunes.

Out-manned and out-planned I am, outnumbered and outgunned, 
but you'll pay a heavy price, before the war is done !

But not without a fight, not without a fight;
I'll battle you, with all of my might.
Not without a fight, not without a fight,
I will never disappear, completely from your sight.