I Love You Not !
(he loves me, he loves me not, he loves me, he loves me not, he loves me.....?)
I love you Not !

When we were going, together, you said that I was immature.
You were not sure, you could introduce me, or if my motives were pure.

You told me, straight up, you were not sure, of my full potential;
for every, aspiring, debutante, this is essential !

and now you're back, I have an update, for you...

I love you not !
I wasn't good enough for you, before;
I love you not !
Now you've returned; I get to settle the score.
I love you not !
Now the tables have turned; I'm standing tall;
I love you not !
Now you will suffer for, making me crawl.

You dumped me flat, you found a better star, to hang your hat on.
My heart- splat ! A Rorschach pattern, casually spat on !

I was not, a safe bet for you, to invest your future in;
I guess that I, was disposable, tossed into the trash bin !


How you found me, I don't know, but I'm so glad you did;
I'm on my way, to the big leagues, on the radar, on the grid.

Those silly, youthful indiscretions, are in my distant past.
I am rock solid; I am a catch; I am built to last.


I have the focus, and the connections, how your eyes opened wide;
when you finally recognized the greatness that was inside.

Back together, or so it seemed, we made wedding plans;
then I dumped the bad habit that you are, heart-broken, finally she understands !