I am the Rable !
I'm not a Carnegie; I'm not a Bush;
I'm not a Clinton or a Kennedy.
I just have to muddle through everyday life,
trying to find, some serenity.

I'm not a billionaire or a tycoon;
I don't have estates or vast corporate holdings.
I just try to get through every day,
without a boss's scolding.

I am the Rabble !
I don't vacation, on the Rivera;
I am the Rabble !
all I can afford is playing scrabble.

I'm not a mover; I'm not a shaker;
I am not part, of the jet set.
I am not, Mayflower Stock;
I just get what I can get.

I do not have, a house in the Hamptons,
or family connections.
No pedigree, from the Ivy Leagues,
only lowly, obsessions.


I do not have, power lunches;
I don't control, any industries !
Just give me, my bread and my circuses;
I do not have, any contingencies.